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  • Upcoming Events June/July 2012

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  • June 30- Wrestling Show to benefit Indiana Theatre.  PowerHouse kids get in free.

    July 1- Luminate will be giving a free concert at Harvest Community Fellowship.  Show begins at 6 pm

    July 2-6 Closed for 4th of July week.  We will be doing several projects during the day if you want to stop by to help.

    July 8-13- High School Week at Camp Illiana.  Tanner and Nathanial will be at camp all week.  Contact us if you are interested in going.  The Power House will be closed this week as well.

    July 20- Girls Night In.  Any girl interested may join the fun for a sleep over and talks about “girl stuff”

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    He opened his eyes and squinted at the clock by his bed. Before she could stop him, he went to her bedroom, flipped on the light and went over to the window.
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  • He already knew that this was also going to lead him to pick up his towel every morning after his shower.
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    Indoor Rock Climbing

    Title: Indoor Rock Climbing
    Location: Hoosier Heights
    Description: We will be leaving the PoHo at 3:45 and returning aroung 9 pm. Cost is $10 and includes climbing, transportation, and dinner.
    Date: 2012-01-25

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